Our lives are under the spell of past deeds and old patterns, crystallized into the so-called Vasanas which are patterns of behavior, predispositions, karmic and emotional responses. Seeking pleasure, running from pains, laziness, promiscuity, desire for/and addiction to objects, to people and emotions, craving for happiness, desire to get rid of pain through escapism and blaming others rather than taking full responsibility for own actions or reactions and events that happen to us. All these are the effects of Vasanas. These are all boulders chained to our ankles, not allowing us to walk freely, neither allowing us to see things for what they truly are.

Reading scriptures or writings of people on the path or writings of people that have achieved liberation are understood by each individual very differently. According to the stage of their evolution everyone has a certain mind setting and heart opening to understand certain aspects of the writings and the message embedded in them by the authors. Some very advanced books or writings may seem like gibberish, or boring, even unintelligible or of a too abstract nature… probably because they may be read too soon or the person is yet too engrossed in Samsara (the “material” world). But no worries, as the child is first learning to stand and only afterwards to walk, in the same way we are unable to force things to go faster, ahead of their time or in a different sequence rather than that which is suitable for us. But the intelligence of Life itself is beyond our comprehension at the moment. 

At first we are all just hungry for information. Some good information was coming mixed with the unnecessary one, but it’s all part of the learning process. So at first the desire for true knowledge is aroused, and I say without fear of mistaking that this is the very beginning of the Path. We may “waste time” reading books or articles, watching YouTube videos which maybe have no relevance now maybe, but it’s just a piece of the whole puzzle. How can you appreciate the Truth if you don’t notice (first) the illusion? How can you notice the illusion before being deeply immersed into it? How can we understand what the Vasanas are unless we allow them(at first) to spin us around and show us what is NOT the way. How sturdy will we be on the path of truth if we haven’t seen the lie?

Everything is correct in each moment of Now. We are in the perfect place, perfect timing and perfect circumstances. One may argue that it’s not so. I am not saying from the “normality” point of view, I am saying from a spiritual perspective. If we were even able to imagine it, we would have been There already.

How can you tell in the midst of drama (if?) what happens has a true and beneficial potential for your growth, when all we can see and feel is just pain and the suffering that makes us forget ourselves?

If in these moments of distress, we are able to withstand the old urges of acting or reacting, Vasanas lose their power onto us. Slowly, slowly,by not taking over and over again [the] same steps as we did in the past, we overcome and transcend old patterns of behavior which are obstructing our free flow on the road to Self-Mastery.

Do you think that you can achieve better results in applying once again the same “remedy” that was proven inefficient for lifetimes? If you try to solve the problems with the same mathematics, you will invariably get the same distorted result and fail again and again. If you really want to evolve, to break through all your limitations, find [a] solution “outside of the box”, outside of the comfort zone that you were using as a refuge each time you were in trouble. Don’t use the limited, logical mind in those situations, it’s going to be taking you back into the same loops that you are trying to escape. Take the leap of faith, jump into the unknown and know that you are protected by Life itself and even more, if you have found the true Guru, that lineage is going to be protecting you. Trust, surrender, jump. Mind(rudimentary/logical/unrefined mind), Ego, Vasanas, all are old friends that you have to part with for a chance to a new beginning, otherwise old friends are enforcing old habits and the old habits are pulling us back to the perpetual loop of mediocrity and suffering.

Surrender yourself to the Guru. Guru is Shiva. Remember Guru in time[s] of distress and forget everything else, and Guru will save you. Trust beyond trust, put all your life force and dedication into the process, because there’s no other more important endeavor than to uprooting the old, in order to be born anew. Lose all the attachments for objects, for enjoyment or for people whoever they may be, or you’ll be spinning in the big centrifuge of Samsara. Know what is eternal and what is illusion and choose wisely.

The blissful equinamous Being is eternal, everything else is illusion. Neutrality is the point of resting of a pendulum. So try to bring yourself to rest in the 0 point of existence. Stay in the 0 point of neither suffering nor enjoying, neither good nor bad, although people from outside may interpret the situation you’re in as good or bad, yet you are there without interpretation, without story. That’s the eternal chalice of Immortality, the Holy Grail of Everything, the Ultimate, the Absolute, Brahman. That is the point of no return, the point of enlightenment. We are already There, yet we’re unaware, so don’t even try to use your mind, desire and ambition to reach there, because mind, desire and ambition are again a very smart trick to pull you back into the Matrix. Establish yourself in a natural moral code, remove logic and logical analysis because they are Vasanas, just surrender to life and remain untarnished by whatever you are experiencing. Be free from cravings, desires, ambition, comparison, addictions and thoughts. Experience whatever comes in neutrality and you have freed yourself from the shackles of illusion. Remember that one of the Sun’s rays, by reaching out to a very remote and dark area, enlightens and warms up that area, transforming it, bringing it to life. The same with the Guru; once you open your heart and soul to the Guru’s Grace, you will transform as the arid dark and icy land that was hidden from the sun’s face becomes a prosperous, warm and fertile land.

There are good and bad predispositions. The good ones are the achievements from past lives, beneficial programs, high moral standards, imprinted into the soul to counter the effects of the bad ones. Eventually they are all to be transcended into pure Beingness, devoid of characteristics or qualities.

May all the readers have the chance to discover the true Guru within that will create the possibility of meeting the outer Guru and once you find the True Guru, may you never let go of that True Guru’s Lotus feet, because they are your Divine link to finding your inner Divinity.


The Revolver, by Guy Ritchie. And “The 13th floor”

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

The Revolver is such a deep movie unlike all the other Ritchie’s movies, although it may also be perceived by some as being weird. The 13th floor I have seen at least 7 times and revolver 6-7 times as well.. Highly recommend them, they have a great hidden spiritual message that sometimes is discovered after several watches