Sacred relationship

The path towards a sacred relationship is non-linear, it can’t be brought into fruition by same type of expectations or/and old ways of approaching relationship. It’s the path of spiritual refinement through relationship, through openness and dedication to self(in a non-narcissistic manner), the partner and the path itself.

If in normal situations people enter relationships hoping that this one will be providing them with comfort, love and happiness and be better than the previous ones.. The true path is where you recognize certain aspects that you wanted your partner to have yet you are well aware and prepared to face the hidden currents of that being and yours, because when the things get real, old unresolved traumas and distortions are coming bubbling to the surface to be acknowledged and work with, which can be frightening and unbearable.

So humbleness and extreme courage are mandatory on this path. This is the path where although the man and woman are together, they know for sure that they are catalysts for the other’s stuff coming bubbling to the surface and they know that they are going to be facing the same.. But they’re there for one another, nurturing, lovingly understanding what they are going through and not taking things personally during these outbursts of the old..

So if they dedicate one to the other and to their own evolutionary path, and they are taking it as a higher school of souls for two, where each to the other are teachers, triggers, doctors, lovers, caretakers and students… No inferiority or superiority is allowed to exist, but they see themselves as equal and they respect and are aware of the differences yet they fully embrace themselves and the other. Then this right approach will help them stay on this bumpy journey and they’ll grow beyond their wildest imagination..

The difference between this type of relationship and the narcissistic manipulative type is that in this relationship there’s no blaming game taking place, no past event or sharing used to shame the other or to force into submission. No desire to control is employed, although slight elements from the past may come and push them to act in similar distorted ways, yet the other one sees the patterns and bring them with patience and love to the awareness of the other and the other is choosing the new, healthier way to act this. So the other opens the eyes and sees the trap, the distortion and makes a conscious effort and decision to work it out. Trust is one of the most important elements that have to be fully employed in such a relationship.

Without trust, there’s no love! If fear is present, then true love is not there, because they’re very antagonistic vibration wise and they can not be equally represented in the same heart. You want to experience true love?, then you should eliminate fear from your system. Jump all in, especially if you perceive that life is pushing that experience to you to have, and/or it resonates within.

Even if you were wrong, the person was immature, and couldn’t go on this path, don’t close yourself, take it as training for the real one that is about to come. Take everything from the perspective of: “what is my lesson to learn out of this situation? “, taking full responsibility and growing out of the box, and the whole world is going to shift before your very eyes. Because the outer world is just a projection of the world within, the more perfection perceived within, the more perfect the perception of the external projection becomes too.

After all, our evolution is not that evident for others, nonetheless it’s a shift in the perception about the world and ourselves, a broader understanding and less limited interpretation of it all is born..

So the sacred relationship will have like all other relationships its ups and downs, oscillation between the two polarities, but definitely the loving and nurturing moments will be there too, as relaxing break moments on the path towards eternal refinement of ourselves until both have worked their limitations and are aware of subtler and subtler dimensions that need their attention, but they’re together, relying on the support, love and understanding of the other, wiser and every day more mature, a true silent, living example for other souls to follow.


I am still far

No matter how advanced we are and how much we worked our flaws out, we would definitely be still ignorants in different aspects or matters. This realization should make us very humble and should keep us in the mode of knowing that we are always going to remain students on the path of Light, regardless of the innumerable achievements and realizations.

I fell, without being aware, in the trap of feeling somewhat superior, believing that I know much, but I was totally incapable to really notice it until today. Oh what a lesson! What a great lesson and how disappointed I have been realizing how easy it is still to fall into past mistakes and ways, and how far I am from being through with my struggle with uprooting the past and the old unnecessary paradigms. 

I have been taught today that getting to have some spiritual experience and realization are truly nothing, if not fully integrated also into the material world that we call Matrix, Illusion, Maya, etc.. Similar to the assumption that we can jump straight into some advanced state without finishing our “dirty work”. 

Actually to be even more precise, I realized today that accumulation of spiritual information and having a well developed intuitive sense and having some time spent on the path might even become hindrances, if the old ways are not fully acknowledged and transcended, transmuted into higher level elements. I now understand how good people lost their path and minds and got astray, just by assuming that they can jump straight to some higher level disregarding the need to master the previous ones before that. It’s because of the hidden currents that they failed to acknowledge (their existence in their system) therefore, those hidden aspects, acted unimpeded under the surface, dragging one into the pit of righteousness and self-sabotage.

The so called “piousness” and righteousness is actually a sacrilege and in vain if one is not aware of whatever is useless and belongs to the old paradigm of being and is not worked out of the system.

Now the recommendation of all the scriptures and true perceptors and Teachers makes better sense:

” Exalt not thine heart above the children of men,

lest it be brought lower than the dust.

If thou be great among men,

be honoured for knowledge and gentleness.” 

– Excerpt from the Emarald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.

So if I would have understood this recommendation previously, I would have never been so proud, teaching and preaching something that I haven’t fully mastered and experienced myself. Therefore I come here in front of you all and humbly admit my mistakes and kindly warn you so that you can learn out of my ignorance and don’t rush into believing that you can save anyone before fully saving oneself. 

I came here to write in this late hour, because I am very grateful for the amazing lesson, where I realized that I still have lots of work to do with myself, to share my humble experience, and whatever I got to know was the work of Grace in my life and some exertion from my end too, yet there are so many things that I disregarded and thought that they must have vanished by themselves, yet they are still lurking in the shadows, like prey animals waiting for their victim to be vulnerable.

I am very grateful for being able to observe the trap of my own ego, of my own mind and I am grateful for the being that triggered this situation.