About demons

The demons or negative entities are guardians of their own level of vibration. You can try to fight them, although what you fight you become.. Or we can raise to a different level of vibration where they are no longer relevant. They continue to live and guard and try to maintain souls captured in their own level of vibration. But whoever rises above that level that they (the demons) represent, escapes from their thralls.

Therefore there’s definitely no need to fight any dark entities, because they all represent our ignorant, dark, lower, violent, animalistic nature, which is to be acknowledged, recognized, transcended and transmuted into the pure Light. Once we transcend that lower nature we are going to be exposed to different situations and people that will test our level of vibration and knowledge. After proving our worth, courage, selflessness and humbleness for a period of time, we are going to be allowed to open and pass through the door to the next level of vibration, knowledge and consciousness, where the truth is subtler and some previous bookish knowledge (even from scriptures) that we took for ultimate truth becomes obsolete and redundant, and a whole new perspective is born in the newly rewired understanding. Everything has its meaning and purpose at a certain point in time and space. 

Everything has its own proper place in the world we’re experiencing, and demons are too partaking in the divine plan. In fact there is nothing outside the Divine plan. Hence the realization that there’s nothing to fight or to oppose. The secret is to raise above, to raise one’s vibration above our lower acquired nature (through repeated incarnations) and hence escaping automatically the guardians of the lower planes and rising to the immediate next level, which inevitably has its own guardians and rulers.