Why I started this blog


My main motive is to remind everyone including myself why we came here (why we incarnated to this realm). Remind others and to myself to search and find the life purpose, refresh the memory and know that we need to have a higher vision, not having a car and house and 2-3 kids, that’s a very basic vision. A vision that inspires us to be better versions of ourselves which can also include the secondary type of vision about having a good family life and all although those secondary needs are fulfilled by life itself without the need for us to worry about. Most of the things that I bring into discussion here are already known, they are already there, hidden in the “maybe later” shelf of our being. This blog is definitely not for everyone especially not now, some may “wake up” and remember who they truly are, and what they need to do to improve their lives and evolve, some may be too lazy and say “well, it sounds right but I like to indulge and enjoy my life”. I am not saying that life is not to be enjoyed, but if the activity that we’re enjoying has some side effects and the biggest of all may be cutting out the branch that we’re sitting on, then we have to know that it’s not appropriate for us. Others may decide that it’s too early, too hard, or whatever other reason. Remember it’s about personal choice.

It is sometimes very hard, almost impossible, but Life has a sense of balance and it will never give you only “lemons”.

Sometimes after years of fighting own distortions, past traumas, old patterns and bad programing of the society’s “ministry of propaganda”, through the exponents: Mass Media, Parents (who are deluded and deluding themselves), the schooling system, we may get upset and disappointed that nothing ever changes and it seems like it’s a futile endeavor. These are all tricks of the “Matrix”. Give it some time and you’ll remember and realize how much you progressed, also I also remind myself and all that no matter how much we transform and evolve, there will always remain something worth improving.

It’s enough to wish to begin the work with ourselves and everything will start to unfold, everything will come your way, information, means, and the right people.

And when you hear something that clicks inside, or it seems that the information was already there, it’s but a confirmation that you’re on the right track.

I provoke you all, dear readers to let me know what do you think about this idea and about the blog and your point of view related to them and what would make a nice topic for me to address.

I need your opinion and regardless if it’s positive or it may be criticism, it will offer me the needed material to learn and improve my way of expressing and your experience with this blog.


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2 thoughts on “Why I started this blog”

  1. I agree with you that we are all robots into getting a car or a house, then gradually getting bigger car/house/better job, focusing on family, but all of that actually distract us from our true purpose here. If you really think about it, materialistic things do not resonate with our being,hence the reason for always wanting more, and we need to be ‘awoken’ to realize that we need to work on a higher vision and on ourselves at a higher spiritual level. I really like the article, keep going!

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