Are we compassionate?

We are many times feeling sorry for the poor people, for the homeless, abused kids and what not. Believe it or not the “funny” thing is that they came to experience exactly that, whatever they’re experiencing. It’s their higher self who chose to experience that, and it’s not a punishment but an experience, everything is neutral in higher planes of existence, no duality, no good or bad.

It may seem cruel and wrong at first glance not to feel sorry for them, but feeling sorry comes from the inner own unhappiness and lack of proper understanding about life and what are the mechanisms of this illusion.

Who do we think we are to deny them that experience? That’s why, highly evolved human beings are not, or hardly interfering in this illusionary world, unless there’s a real genuine call for help and desire from the one asking for help to really change the patterns which brought them into the situation out of what they are trying to evolve.

Desire to help when help is not asked to be provided, comes from the false idea that we are or we know better, we are above that level and so on, in other words superiority complex which comes from ignorance. It’s the same like wanting to take down a professional climber who’s struggling to climb a very steep stone wall, falsely believing that we are saving him.

Nowadays main stream religions are getting more and more followers because they promote the idea of a savior, who is going to come to the rescue to save the world. Their proselytes are attracted about the lack of responsibility that they have to have, not having to work with past distortions, no self improvement needed , no self control nor cultivating good qualities, just worshiping the given gods or saints seems to be enough, and false compassion, and accepting the dogma which is based(again) mostly on fear.

Well, obviously many realize after years and years that they are either same as they were before or they accumulated even more distortions like pride that they are so right, that they are worshiping the right god, righteousness, false compassion where they are participating in charitable events, but failure to really help anyone whatsoever. By giving a hungry person food every day we may be pushing him to be lazy, not to search for a job, not to take his fate into his own hands especially if he sees that he is receiving the help constantly and he is not supposed to do anything for it. So see, non-interference or very limited interference is the best approach in this illusionary world. That doesn’t mean you can’t help people if they ask, and you feel that there’s a real need for your assistance. A certain level of awareness and good intuitive sense is needed in order to properly choose the right approach for every situation.

One friend told me long time ago that his father although rich, didn’t support him materially too much, but gave mostly advises and showed potential paths to follow and said to him: “a good father doesn’t give the adult son food when hungry, but gives him a gun and sends him to hunt”. That friend of mine grew up to become a successful business and family man.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. If you want to do charity, do! If you want to help homeless people, help. But do it from your heart and ask yourself if there’s a better way to do it, and the most important, forget that you have done it, so your mind won’t create a big ego about it.

Be aware that pity will send us back to the loop we’re trying to escape from. We have to abandon the ideea that we have to save anyone, there’s no such thing, since the only person that we’re in charge of is ourself. So if you want to save someone, save yourself and by your example only, some people may start changing also.



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