What really changes when we evolve?


In reality there is no evolution. It’s just the process of removing the veils of ignorance and of the ego, removal of the belief that we are (just) the body and realization of the bigger picture about everything, stepping into a new mode of perception. What really changes throughout the time is our perception of everything within and without ourselves. 

Even people without any inclination towards working with their limitations and towards working to expand their limitedness, are aware of the change of their perception and beliefs during their lives. Like the child believes in ghosts and then grows into removing the “false” belief, and then possibly realizing once again the truth about that matter. But the true adept of life is not stopping by the threshold of some comfortable niche they wanted to reach, like abundant life, good relationships and what not, but continue forever on the path of self-discovery, knowing that all the material gains and comfortable things are there to provide small oasis to rest and recharge on the steep and hard way through the desert. 

From my experience I can tell that many people have reached that border, that threshold that separates our linear and limited growth inside the Matrix-created boundaries, and that true(-er) place where miracles are happening. But it’s so hard to jump, so hard to step into the unknown, so scary to embrace some unknown future onto which we have no power and especially so hard to take full responsibility for everything happening in our lives. This is the biggest obstacle for people on the path: inability to take full responsibility, stopping to blame the external factors and actors and realizing that they have exactly what they NEED to experience. That knowledge of everything is mine to have and experience, when we tend to complain and whine, will give us an unmoving inner peace that will take us further. 

Therefore the weak, materialistic, and the unprepared will deny themselves the entrance to that realm, because it’s the realm of taking full responsibility and understanding that everything coming our way is ours to experience. So in reality there’s no one denying us anything, it’s just our level of maturity that is or is not there for us to take that leap of faith. 

Returning to what really changes: for the external observer everything might look as it was previously, but for the one that took that leap of faith, everything became a quantum leap, everything is perceived differently, all the scriptures and previous knowledge that may have failed to bring anything are finally understood, there’s a clarity of perception that seems totally normal for the person experiencing it, and that grows and expands in time, if the soul experiencing it remains humble, courageous and true to him(-her)self. It’s an “Aha” moment. That’s why it takes time for that being to realize how far they’ve traveled, how far their understanding reached compared to the regular people and to how they used to be. It’s nothing evident for no one, not even to themselves at first, but slowly they’re going to be able to see a clearer picture about everything. 

There’s no ultimate truth, the truth evolves to higher and higher Realms therefore the traveler that I am talking about is just one step ahead of the ignorant, but compared to higher beings he might be like the consciousness of an ant that evolved from the consciousness of a piece of rock. So there’s no end point, the small evolution (that I am talking about) is almost nothing, it’s just a tiny step, a glimpse of the infinite vastness of it all, and it’s so humbling and so scary to some degree; the understanding that although we are seeing things clearer, we are still very, very ignorant about everything, even about our own existence in the human body and this world we’re experiencing, it’s deeper reasons and meanings. 

The true adept humbles down. The immature being that got a glimpse of this newly discovered dimension is going to feel great, advanced, feel like they are healers, saviors, teachers and rulers. It’s just the wisdom of the All, showing us that we can’t pass the 3rd grade unless we’ve graduated from the 2nd one. 

YouTube and any other social media nowadays are full of all these ignorants that made a big deal of themselves and their tiny little ant step, that believe in their greatness and are just blind people “guiding” other people toward the abyss under the pretext of righteousness and promising enlightenment that they failed to achieve themselves. How ignorant one can be to promise something that they themselves haven’t touched upon? 

But there are extremely few that are evolved, humble and trying to spread the word, trying to bring light in a world of darkness, but their message is not easily grasped so they are definitely not (at least not yet) having millions or tens of millions of followers since the truth and real are not truly looked for at the time being. 

But those other “blind” people (followers of the fake gurus, healers and “spiritual” people) on YouTube are not at all mere victims, they are getting what’s theirs to have. Why? Because they are corrupt and rotten within, or they look for quick fixes, therefore their rottenness attracts rottenness without fail. Like attracts like, so people should just spend their time becoming truthful, seeing their true reasons behind their desire to spiritually evolve, they should become simpler, humbler, courageous and pure in order to walk through the fire, otherwise light attracts light and darkness will attract darkness.

From my observations I have seen people that have met the real Guru, the real essence of the All, yet although given this opportunity they have shown no gratitude, no surrender, no devotion. They’ve approached the Real with their old business-oriented approach, the buyer attitude, cunningly, trying to negotiate, trying to “buy cheaper” something that is priceless. They have projected onto divine beings their own expectations and ideas of how things should be. Therefore they got a glimpse of the Real, but because it didn’t fit their limited criteria and little box, they denied it, attacked it, trashed it, diminished it in their own minds, and went back to the previous step, or even lower, back to the old known ignorant way of doing that doesn’t take one anywhere but keeps one in the loop of the limited, the material, and the mental sickness world. 

But those who realized that they’ve touched the True, they will hold fast to that Being that embodies That which is latently within us all, but which has been recognized and brought to its fullest by that Teacher. Those “holding to the Guru’s feet” (which in reality is not literally, but holding on to that what is Real) will be tormented, pushed from here to there by all sorts of forces, needing to exhaust chunks of darkness acquired through the ages, elements and situations, but if they are weak, they will run away from the True Being, and will be rewarded with the same old Matrix-like illusion that they were trying to escape previously, so some will stop trying to walk “The Path”.

The true adept will keep “holding the Guru’s feet” (The Higher Reality and Beingness) and whatever they may believe that they see or hear or understand (which might be incorrect), if they hold onto that purity within themselves and in the outer world, in the form of the Guru, they will manage to grow, to mature in a true spiritual sense, in which past storms that used to be dangerous for them are just a regular sunny day in the park and they are walking unmoved by any disturbance in this world, and they’re experiencing subtler and subtler challenges, in a continuous unfolding of that inner dirt that has to be dealt with and transmuted into Light. 

 I wish you all readers, that if this is what your true soul longing is, to find That, the Ultimate, the All, the beginning and the end of it all and you have the power, humbleness and courage to face the darkness that prevents us from uniting with That, to reach it, to be touched by the Grace of that what you seek, and have the strength to do your part, because there’s really no way to avoid facing the darkness when you walk the path towards Light. It’s like you can’t do water sports without getting wet. 

God bless you all! 


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